What to Include in a Best Man Speech

What to Include in a Best Man Speech

What to Include in a Best Man Speech?

One of the biggest challenges to people who are asked to deliver a speech as a best man is the actual speech that you’re going to say. Sometimes, this can be hard especially if you’re not used to doing this kind of thing. Typically a best man delivers a nice speech for the groom and for the bride during their wedding day. The speech is usually composed of positive things that you can say and think of for both the bride and the groom. But there are some men who are having a hard time thinking of a good speech, for different reasons. There are men think that they need to think of long speeches, which is definitely not right. You’re not the only person who’s going to deliver a speech during their wedding, so make sure that you’re going to say something nice and short.

If this is your first time to deliver a speech for the new couple, then knowing the things that you need to include during your speech is ideal. If you need to verify some of the things that you are going to say, then you may do so. You can ask both the couple and even someone who is also close to both of them. This will avoid you from saying things that are not appropriate. Now, here are some of the things that you may include in your best man speech during the reception of the wedding.

Introducing Yourself

The very first thing that you can do is to properly introduce yourself and as well as your relation to the groom. The guests need to know who you are before delivering your speech, for them to avoid wondering who you are and your relation to the couple. When introducing yourself, make sure that you’re only telling a few details about yourself since the speech is about the couple and not about you.

Some people may say that introducing yourself should not be included in the best man speech, but the truth is this is needed. The reason behind this is because; the guests need to know who you are. You can tell a little something about yourself, but make sure to keep it really short.

Talk about Positive Moments

Since you’re the chosen best man of the groom that means that you completely know him since the beginning of your friendship. You can talk about the positive moments that you had with the groom, and you can also talk about some embarrassing but funny ones. This will help you to feel at ease while delivering your speech, because telling funny stories will help break the silence or the ice between you, the couple and as well as the guests.

Some best man typically uses references such as, yearbooks and images to support the things that they are saying. But of course you need to make sure that these things won’t hurt or offend anyone, to avoid ruining the ceremony.

Addressing Both the Couple

After telling stories about the groom, it is now time to address both the couple. You need to say something good about them, like when they first met and during the proposal. This will help other guests to get to know the couple in a positive and fun way. You may also ask both of them if you can tell certain stories, for you to be aware of the things that you’re not allowed to say in front of their families and guests.

These are some of the things that you need to include in your best man speech. Remember that it does not have to be lengthy; because the important thing is that you’re saying things that are meaningful and special for the both of them.


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