Secret Survey Review

Secret Survey Review

Secret Survey Program Review: Your Extensive Review Program

Loving a person and being in a relationship can provide great joy and happiness. However, not everyone is lucky when it comes to long-lasting relationships. Even married couples separate and divorce due to relationship problems. While some men find it hard to understand women, some women also find it difficult and confusing to understand men – what men want, what they need, what they dream of, and what they want in a woman? Secret Survey is a training program that contains the information about what men really wants but cannot tell women, and ways for women to understand men and make their relationships work. To know more about this product, here is a simple product review.

Secret Survey: Relationship Guide by Michael Fiore

Michael Fiore, who is a relationship coach or expert, develops Secret Survey, it has been very popular today due to his revolutionary ways and techniques in reviving and making relationships work. Aside from Secret Survey, he is also popular for his Text Your Wife Into Bed and Text The Romance Back, the programs which help and teach men and women on how to improve their relationship, bring back the spark, and revive the intimacy again through texting. Michael Fiore conducted a survey through emails asking men and women about their relationship problems, wants, desires and needs.

He asked hundreds of women about one thing that they would really like to know about men. He also sent a different question to thousands of men asking about one thing that they really want women to understand about them but they cannot tell. Through the answers, he was able to understand and determine want men want their women to desperately know. However, he feels that by just sharing the video to anyone, the information would not be that useful if women do not know how to properly use the information to their advantage. Because of this knowledge, he set up the Secret Survey training modules containing advises and trainings on how to understand men, how to determine what they really want, and how to know if they are lying and cheating, what to do if they are lying, and how to properly fix things up.

Secret Survey Review

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How the Secret Survey Training Program Works?

The Secret Survey is an online training program designed to help women understand what men think, why they lie to women even if they love the person they are lying to, why they cheat, and many more problems faced by women regarding men today. The whole program is divided into 8 modules. The information on the training program is considered “raw” and may hurt women because of the honest and frank things men say about women.

Through Secret Survey, women will know how men really feel and think toward them. They will also be able to understand why men are so bad when it comes to communication and tend to keep things and secrets on their own. And the most important thing, women will be able to know the main thing that men desperately want women to know but can’t tell them directly because of pride and fear. By understanding these important things, women will be able to know how to handle a man and how to make a connection to avoid secrets and walls between the couple.

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Positive and Negative Things about Secret Survey


  • The training program is available in digital formats with videos, audios and digital eBook making learning easier and more effective for women of various ages.
  • The information and trainings are based on true and legitimate surveys conducted by Michael Fiore. Therefore, you are guaranteed that the information you get are based on what men and women really think and say.
  • Michael Fiore has been interviewed in various TV shows like Rachel Ray establishing the legitimacy and efficacy of his training programs and techniques for relationships.
  • The program comes with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee in case you do not find the program useful or effective after purchasing the modules.


  • Some of the information are downright rude, frank and straightforward but definitely true, which may hurt some feelings especially women.
  • You need to lend sufficient time to properly listen and watch the modules available online.
  • The price of the whole program might be considered expensive for some.

Secret Survey: The Final Verdict

Almost everyone wants to find the right man and woman to spend the rest of his or her life. However, getting into a relationship and handling it properly require dedication, adjustment, understanding, respect and of course love. Understanding your partner, his or her needs, desires and dreams can provide great benefits to the relationship. Secret Survey is the program that will help you understand your man, what he thinks about you and what he wants you to understand about him. If you really love your partner and you want your relationship to be successful, then this program might be what you need.

Secret Survey Review


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