Make Small Talk Sexy Review

Make Small Talk Sexy Review

An Overview of the Author

Bobby Rio, the author of the book Make Small Talk Sexy has been in many dramas in life, and especially those related to his love life. During his teenage age, he had to overcome many issues relating to girls, which helped him in knowing a woman’s stronghold and how to handle them when they turn aggressive. Ever since he discovered the trick, he has come out boldly to help other men, who are as he was when he was a teenager, and help them overcome their worst relationship fears. Through out this book, Bob keeps encouraging men and women, by telling them that all what is required of them is confidence, and how one talks.

Make a Small Talk Sexy

Although bobby might have had a rough time with girls during his tender age, he finally came to realize the true being of being a man, and being in control of his relationships by making sure that he made his woman happy. Bobby recalls that making a woman happy does not necessarily mean you being good in bed; what you say to the woman will be the key factor, which will make her come back to you, or go away forever. This is the reason why men have to be very careful when talking to their women, and have to be creative in the same, so that the woman is happy all the time. Bob has come up with a few major ways in which a man can use to make each moment he spends with his loved one worthwhile hence making the both of them happy.

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Find a Nemesis to Talk About

Most women like to be supported in their actions, especially if they are obsessed with something. If your woman likes football, you can also blend in to the game to make her happy, while in the same time acknowledging the team she is supporting. When the team is on the loosing end, be there to comfort her and tell her that all will be well. This way, you will keep your woman occupied in the game, while still listening to the funny stories that you have, hence feel more attached to you. As Rio puts it, having a common enemy with your woman often leads to both of you being in the same sides, whereby you can both make decisions in the same and have a good time together.

If you really want to make your woman happier than she is, then you should be careful with the topics that you bring onboard. Having funny topics to discuss with your other half makes the moment a lot more fun, hence makes that person keep thinking of you when you are not around. Bobby says that, as long as you have had a wonderful discussion or even a joke with the person you love, they will always find themselves smiling, or laughing alone, when he or she thinks of the joke, or funny moments. These are some of the few, small things that makes a difference in our lives, and those we live with.

Have you ever tried to talk to a woman, only to find out she is not ready to talk to you? If you have, then you might be wondering what really made her not to talk to you. The first thing that you will learn from this e-book, is that most women operate under mood swings, and are not always ready to have a chat with you in these situations. This is the reason why you have to first observe what she might be focusing on, before you can make the move. According to this book, you will notice that lying is not a crime, especially if you are interested in the person. If you want to get to know the girl next door, try to know what she does during her free time, or doesn’t like in the same. Once you have identified the same, make sure you device a way that you will use to attract her attention and get talking, you can like about some things you think are common to both of you in the quest to win her up.

Make Small Talk Sexy Review

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The Pros and Cons about this Make Small Talk Sexy


  • The good thing with this book is that you can use it to boost the knowledge.
  • There are no laid in ways in which one can approach a lady or a man without being suspicious.


  • One can only get this book if he or she has an internet connection and not in hard copy unless you print yours.


For you to use Make Small Talk Sexy e-book effectively, you should be in possession of some self-assessed principles, which will give you the motivation and ideas when talking to a girl. The book stipulates that learning your woman is the key value in knowing what makes her happy, always be ready for anything, and make the best out of the same.

Make Small Talk Sexy Review


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