How to Get Women to Talk to You

How to Get Women to Talk to You

How to Get Women to Talk to You?

Getting a woman initiate to approach and talk to you is a high achievement for every man. It is very hard for every man to catch a woman’s attention especially in a special event or a party where there are many good-looking men around. Before approaching a woman, make sure you know how to get her like talking to you without noticing the passing of time. By just being yourself, the following tips may help you get women talk to you.

Be Clean Before Facing Women

Before leaving your room, make sure you look clean, smell good and have proper clothes. Never try to catch a woman’s attention when you know you have bad breath or bad body odor. It is a number one turn-off for women when guys look dirty and foul smelling. Women love to talk to men with fresh breath and cool smell. Make it a habit to maintain a proper personal hygiene, not only to attract women but also for you. Make sure your fingernails are free from dirt; its nails are not longer than the woman’s nails. They say someone’s shoes reflect the hygiene of a man. Having your shoes polish or neatly clean is a good indicator for woman that you have clean hygiene.

Have a Sense of Humor

It is true that if guys fall in love with their eyes, girls fall in love with their ears. Women do not necessarily go for good-looking guys. They go for guys who are fun to be with and those who make them always smile and laugh. Women love to hear happy stories and love to see a happy man. A cheerful heart catches even a tough heart. That is why even those men who does not look handsome but with a sense of humor can attract even the most attractive girl in their school. If you enter a room with a smile in your face, you greet someone with a cheerful heart; notice that women will notice you for being a cheerful man.

How to have sense of humor? Just be yourself. Try watching romantic comedy movies and apply some of them. Do not go for corny jokes and observe the girl on what topic tickles her.

Ask and Never Be the One to Tell So Much About You

We can even notice it with ourselves that we love talking to those who are interested in you rather than those who love talking so much about them. Make a woman feel that you are interested to her in a nice manner. You may ask how she is, what her hobbies are, and her interests. Do it thru statements rather than thru questions. With her answers you can share some of your own but never let her bored by listening to your long stories. Make her the star in you conversation. Another reason why you should let her do the talking is that you will look mysterious to her. Giving her suspense will make her interested of you.

Show Women You Are Witty

Women love men who are socially intelligent. By getting updated of current events, reading books or blogs about women, you may get necessary knowledge that will make you look intelligent to her. If you are with a group of men, be smart and be able to share some knowledge with them. If she gets notices that you have the brains, she will do her best to catch your attention and have a conversation with you.

Be Gentlemen

Do not be over-confident. Women don’t like boastful and rude man. Show intimacy and gentleness. Make your gestures show that you respect women.


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