How to Attract a Man You Like

How to Attract a Man You Like

How to Attract a Man You Like?

Attraction between men and women has dominated the airwaves for so long, indeed this topic is so hot that many books broaching the topic have turned into best sellers and movies have turned into instant hits so long as there is an element of love. I guess we are wired to always seek love; for men the quest has been in seeking the woman of their dreams. While for women the quest has been in attracting the man they love or should I say adore.

Truth is told there are many “experts” who would gladly advice you on how to attract a man you like and the advice sometimes range from the bizarre to the outright ridiculous. It is true that there are pieces of advice you will receive from these “experts” that sometimes may just pan out the trick however is in finding the right advice that will lead you to the man you like.

Getting the Man You Like

Most women out there will confess one thing when it comes to attracting the men they have crushes on; men have absolutely no clue when it comes to reading the signs. Well as much as this statement stereotypes the men out there, it does have some element of truth in it. There are men out there who have no idea what subtle hints from a woman are all about, for this mean you may need to hit them with a brick in the head and enunciate every syllable of “I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU” for them to fully catch on. These brands of gentlemen are usually the opposite of those who read onto every sign a woman throws as an invitation to make a pass including the accidental fart in the wind.

How to Attract Men?

So what exactly do you need to know on how to attract a man you like? The first and most important thing you need to know is that not every man is alike, and as much as some would like to portray the macho man image they really are simple people at heart who are looking for women who can understand them.

The first item on any “how to attract a man you like” manual would be don’t be desperate, and for good reason too, desperation would make you do things that seem odd. The key is in being patient, this does not mean that you be aloof and push away your potential man, but being inviting at the same time being patient for the man to notice you. You do not want the man to think you are pushing him into liking you, rather you want the man to feel like he made the move and he was the one who had a crush on you at first glance.

Some Important Aspects to Remember

But perhaps the one thing that you need to know while endeavoring to find out how to attract the man you like is the fact that as much as some “manuals” on attraction would recommend Machiavellian schemes, sometimes all you need to be is yourself. You need to be as honest as is possible with yourself in order to attract the man you like and hopefully the man who is suited for you. As you go through all the online material that details processes on how to attract the man you like, it behooves you to take it on a light note and take it as any other reading material because the chances of the content you are reading working out are really not something to go on harping about. The only way of getting the man you like is by going out there and letting chance work it’s magic.


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